Procurement volume

The procurement volume corresponds to the contractual obligations to suppliers that DB Group has entered into. On subsequent realization these become capital expenditures or expenses (mainly cost of materials and other operating expenses). The total procurement volume in 2020 was € 34.7 billion (previous year: € 34.9 billion).

  • Freight and freight-forwarding services remained unchanged at € 10.6 billion.
  • Industrial products increased to € 9.5 billion (previous year: € 8.1 billion). The increase is due in particular to the commissioning of the ICE 3neo and the procurement of trains for the Berlin S-Bahn (metro).
  • In the case of construction and engineering services, the procurement volume decreased to € 6.9 billion (previous year: € 7.5 billion), mainly as a result of declines at DB Netze Stations.
  • Third-party services decreased slightly to € 5.5 billion (previous year: € 5.8 billion), partly as a result of the Covid-19-related decline in travel activity.
  • Cable- and pipe-bound power and fuel fell to € 2.1 billion, mainly as a result of Covid-19-related adjustments to volume produced (previous year: € 2.8 billion).
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