Green Transformation

Vital for a mobility transition

Rail is the key for a transition to more sustainable mobility. We are taking a holistic approach to the Green Transformation of DB Group: this means not only making all our prod-ucts and services green, but also ...

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As one of Europe’s largest transport infrastructure operators, we take responsibility for the environment because we want to leave future generations with a healthy planet to live on. According to the annual Global Climate Risk Index published by Germanwatch, Germany ranked 18th among the countries most affected by extreme weather worldwide in the period from 1999 to 2019.

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Shift in the mode of transport to rail

Our Strong Rail strategy addresses how rail specifically contributes to achieving the Federal Government’s key transport and climate policy targets. The policy target of shifting the mode of transport from road to rail therefore involves the entire rail sector.

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We are continuing to expand our top position in Germany in terms of eco-power use

With three new contracts supplying about 780 gigawatt hours of green energy, we are securing our supply for the coming years. With this amount of hydroelectric, wind and solar power alone, it would be possible to operate about 40,000 trains for more than 20 days.


Milestone on the way to a completely green rail
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