The Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is responsible for the issue of sustainability. This function is exercised by the Chairman of the Management Board. Overall coordination in the area of sustainability is carried out by the sustainability management. Since 2020, the topics of sustainability and the environment have been combined into one organizational unit and come under the direct management of the CEO. Both topics have top priority in the context of the Strong Rail strategy and have been more closely interlinked than ever before.

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Sustainability reporting framework

Our sustainability topics are made up of the main topics set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an internal materiality assessment (additional DB sustainability topics) and our overarching requirement of transparency towards our stakeholders.

Composition of our sustainability topics

The 2020 Integrated Report refers to the year under review, this being calendar year 2020. For the purpose of comparison, most of the key figures are also presented for 2019 and 2018. The Integrated Report is published on an annual basis. The 2020 Integrated Report was published on March 25, 2021 (2019 Integrated Report: March 26, 2020). The Integrated Report addresses the material stakeholder groups of Deutsche Bahn Group (DB Group). The reporting covers all material economic, social and environmental aspects. All fully consolidated DB Group companies are included in the reporting. Deviations from this reporting scope are noted as such. The data collection methods and bases of calculation used for the data in the Integrated Report are based on the relevant standards.

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Group non-financial report

DB Group has opted for the voluntary submission of a Group non-financial report (NFR).

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Sustainability ratings

We strive to achieve good performance both in financial and non-financial matters, and to gain and maintain the trust and support of our stakeholder. The feedback of ESG rating agencies is very important to us as a benchmark and indicator of our stakeholders’ main concerns.

  • DB Group once again received the top rating of “A” from the international rating organization CDP in 2020 ...
  • In the ECOVADIS 2020 rating, we are still among the top 4% in the rail transport sector and were able to improve our result by 2 points to 61 in total (as at: October 2020) ...
  • In the ISS ESG corporate rating, we also maintained our good assessment of “B–” and “Prime” status in 2020 ...
  • In the MSCI ESG rating we continued to receive the rating of “A” in 2020 ...
  • With a score of 19.5, we improved our Sustainalytics’ ESG risk rating in 2020 and this assessment puts us in a good position in the Transport sector ...

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