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New digitalization projects and concepts 15 Smart services To the Strong Rail strategy


We are developing chatbots to create a modern customer experience and establish a smart service channel. We are working on a development platform for chatbots for this purpose. Conversational AI technology allows chatbots to process natural language and maintain context-based dialogues. In this way, they provide clear and comprehensible answers and you can communicate with them. On the Group-wide platform, the new chatbots are connected to an intelligent customer contact channel and provide standardized information to their users based on their shared knowledge.

Europe’s pioneer in cloud migration

We have, where possible, transferred our IT to the cloud and closed the Group’s electronic data center. This means that we have completed one of the largest IT projects two years earlier than planned. The main advantage for us is great­­er flexibility: processing power or memory automati­cally adjust to requirements in real time. Passengers also bene­­fit from this because the systems run reliably even under extreme loads, providing, for example, schedule information in the case of a storm.

BahnID – Go-Live with “10-day tickets”

BahnID will provide central access to all of our digital services for our customers, such as DB Navigator,, Call a Bike, Flinkster and much more. The goal is to offer our customers easier access to all products, provide transparency about data use, and provide an instrument for efficient data protection. BahnID started in October 2020 with the “10-day ticket” offered by DB Regional.

WIFI@DB — Internet that travels with you

We are launching a WiFi network as part of our free Internet ser­­vice. The entire ICE fleet, more than 130 stations, all DB lounges, the first regional trains and buses are already connected. And WIFI@DB continues to grow: In 2021, we are adding further regional trains and buses as well as the Intercity trains.

Artificial intelligence for vegetation maintenance

The start-up LiveEO automatically evaluates satellite images and then creates digital vegetation maps along rail tracks. This helps better identify storm-susceptible trees so they can be managed in good time. LiveEO has developed a platform for recording large-scale areas, in which satellite recordings are evaluated using machine learning. In cooperation with DB Group, LiveEO was able to improve the application and successfully use it for the first time on a large scale. In spring 2020, the start-up provided geodata on vegetation stocks and potential dangers along tracks with high-capacity utilization (hA+ lines). Since autumn 2020, this data has been validated by field inspections.

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