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Overview of key figures (rail in Germany)

Travel safely
despite Covid-19

The Federal states have agreed on the introduction of an obligation to wear face masks on trains across Germany. We provide information about this mask requirement on trains and at stations, and call on passengers to comply. Our prevention team increases awareness of mask wearing and provides information on how to protect yourself from catching Covid-19 while out and about.

The new
ICE 3neo

From 2022, 30 new high-speed trains will strengthen our long-distance transport fleet. The new ICE 3neo is manufactured at Siemens sites in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Austria, and is the first be used on lines between North Rhine-Westphalia and Munich that run via the high-speed line Cologne/Rhine-Main. The new trains are increasing the capacity available on DB Long-Distance by 13,000 seats.

Digital automatic
coupling for
freight cars

In one of our consortiums, we have been testing the use of the Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) in freight cars since July 2020. With the DAC, freight cars, as well as their power, data and compressed air lines, are automatically coupled together, without any strenuous physical work. This significantly improves the efficiency of grouping freight trains. Six companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France have been awarded the contract for a project of the BMVI project. The pilot project runs from July 2020 to December 2022.

* +70 % compared to 2015.

* +>30 % compared to 2015.

* Survey annually from 2017 onwards.

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