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Environmental measures 0 Environment and 100% green electricity To the Strong Rail strategy

  • 95 % of DB Cargo’s traction services is currently provided electrically. Equipment of the about 63,000 freight cars with  whisper brakes, which DB Cargo uses in Germany (including rented cars), was completed in 2020.
  • DB Cargo is procuring 104 multisystem locomotives from series 193 to reduce consumption and increase efficiency on European corridors. With a total technical efficiency of 88.6 %, this series is one of the most energy-efficient in DB Cargo’s fleet.
  • Since autumn 2016, more than 650 multiple units have been equipped with the driver assistance system Leader no. 08 (Locomotive Engineer Assist Display and Event Recorder). This means that about two-thirds of DB Cargo’s electric locomotive fleet is equipped with this system. The energy saving is close to 5 % compared with multiple units without LEADER.
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