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Markets and strategy

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic led to a significant decline in volume sold in rail freight transport in Europe. Assuming containment of the Covid-19 pandemic, an increase in output volumes is expected again in 2021. However, the pre-crisis level is not expected to be reached again.

With the Strong Rail strategy DB Cargo makes a significant contribution to transport and climate policy goals in Germany and Europe. It is DB Cargo’s goal to shift the mode of transport from road to the environmentally friendly rail. DB Cargo is thus in line with the guiding principle of Strong Rail, namely the shift in the mode of transport to rail for a sustainable change in climate and mobility.

The aim of the Strong Cargo strategy is to strengthen DB Cargoʼs position in the long term so that it can make the necessary contribution to achieving its goals. The action plan is designed according to the slogan Europe needs a strong rail logistics provider. For the climate and for a sustainable economy. In this way, DB Cargo makes a significant contribution to increasing the modal share of rail in the German and European transport mix, while also improving its own econ­omic sustainability.

The Strong Cargo strategy includes the following measures:

  • Strong block train transport – to strengthen its market presence as a rail logistics provider, DB Cargo will sys­­­tematically offer industry-specific services in the custo­m­er’s supply chain and will focus on the development and expansion of rail logistics solutions, the individual mod­ules of which can be flexibly combined and expanded for customers. 12 Focus on growth segments To the Strong Rail strategy

  • Strong combined transport – DB Cargo will synchronize the operating activities already offered in combined transport and expand them throughout Europe. In close contact with customers, DB Cargo will increase the attractiveness of rail services on the combined transport routes, thereby bringing more transport from road to rail. 12 Focus on growth segments To the Strong Rail strategy

  • Strong single wagon transport – single wagon transport is an essential component of the growth strategy, which is why the single wagon network is being further developed. This includes, above all, the establishment of a new express product. This will directly connect the German economic centers with new intermodal access points. In the medium and long term, the efficiency of the system also increases with new technologies such as the digi­­tal automatic coupling and automated train formation yards. 12 Focus on growth segments To the Strong Rail strategy

  • Strong service management – the new service management supports sales and production services in offering customers tailor-made, attractive services and thereby optimizing the necessary use of resources. With the aspiration of being large, green and efficient, DB Cargo combines the goal of driving rail transport itself, if an economic and qualitatively appropriate performance can be produced with its own resources. 13 Digital platforms To the Strong Rail strategy

  • Further development of production – all regulations for the implementation of transport services will in future be aligned across borders and the management systems will focus on quality improvement, simplification and efficiency. In addition, capital expenditures are being made in modern multisystem locomotives and new car technologies. Digitalization and automation will aid DB Cargo in offering its customers easier access to the rail system and more transparency about the shipment status, and will significantly speed up the processes in rail transport. 4 Fleet and depot expansion To the Strong Rail strategy 13 Digital platforms To the Strong Rail strategy

  • Strong European corridors – DB Cargo is now established throughout Europe and is represented on the 13 major transport corridors. In 2020, the quality of service on five corridors was significantly increased by cross-border management of transport, and the remaining corridors are to follow. Success factors are a high frequency with coordinated schedules and fast cross-border transport. 12 Focus on growth segments To the Strong Rail strategy 

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