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According to forecasts, the long-distance transport market will continue its current growth rate after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. The strong increase in the number of passengers in the summer months of 2020 has shown that there is still a high potential demand. Despite the intense com­petition, DB Long-Distance intends to use attractive services to further expand the market share of rail. The proportion of the population living in urban metropolitan areas is expected to increase from 62 to 70 million in Germany by 2050, mak­­­ing fast and direct connections between major cities ever more important. At the same time, the connection of people in rural regions to long-distance transport must be ensured.

As an integral component of the Strong Rail strategy DB Long-Distance makes an important social contribution. In 2020, despite the Covid-19 restrictions, we continued our activities consistently. By revising our top-project portfolio in line with the three strategic areas of the Strong Rail strategy, we have further sharpened our focus on our strategic objectives. DB Long-Distance’s core identity – “Our drive: Connecting people, overcoming distances,” “Our mission: Best possible journey – together with passion and excellence” and “Our promise: Arriving by the time of boarding” – continues to be of central importance.

The central objective is to double the number of passengers to 260 million per year compared to 2015. This requires the expansion and stabilization of production on the one hand and the further development of an attractive travel offer on the other. Through this, DB Long-Distance contributes significantly to the desired shift in the mode of transport towards rail and to tackling climate change.

In order to achieve the objectives, the strategy of DB Long-Distance transport includes the three strategic areas of the Strong Rail strategy:

  • More robustIn order to meet the growing demand, DB Long-Distance is expanding the vehicle fleet and mainte­­­nance capacity of its depots. By 2025, we plan to create an additional 2,000 full-time jobs compared to 2019. In order to make this massive expansion possible, as well as to compensate for fluctuations and age-related departures, recruitment,qualification and retention of employees have a prominent role to play. Recruitmentactivities focus particularly on the rapid and qualified occu­pation of positions critical to operations and services, such as multiple unit drivers and train attendants. In addi­tion, we are con­tinuously working to improve our employ­ee satisfaction. 4 Fleet and depot expansion To the Strong Rail strategy
  • More powerfulOur objective is to provide all long-distance trains with the highest quality and at competitive costs through improved processes. In order to increase vehicle availability and quality, production will be further digitized and optimized. Innovative technologies such as 3D printing and AI provide the basis for fast and reliable processes. 9 Stable processes To the Strong Rail strategy
  • More modernDB Long-Distance aims to build a flexi­­ble, reliable and high-frequency long-distance transport network in line with Germany in sync. By strengthening the metropolitan network and increasing the number of connections between the regions, the target is to enable 80 % of the population in Germany to have direct access to long-distance transport. We are creating attractive and competitive offers not only through expansion of the lines and increasing frequency, but also through shorter travel times. For example, since December 2020, passengers on the Hamburg — Berlin line have had a schedule with trains at half-hourly intervals for the first time. 11 Germany in sync To the Strong Rail strategy Our digital customer channels support our passengers during their journey. At the same time, we are facilitating access to our system via the digital platform, offering modern and up-to-date journey support and establishing a personal service component through the hosting concept, making us sustainable and competitive. 13 Digital platforms To the Strong Rail strategy 15 Smart services To the Strong Rail strategy


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