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Environmental measures 0 Environment and 100% green electricity To the Strong Rail strategy

  • Since January 2020, regional trains in Baden-Württemberg have been operating on 100 % eco-power no. 01 on six routes. The consumption of about 125 GWh per year cor­­res­­­ponds to about 40,000 two-person households.
  • 830 diesel trains and locomotives were equipped with tele­matics systems. The RegioEnergy Saving System (RESY) software no. 08 has already been activated on about 350 ve­­­hicles, which supports train drivers in an efficient driving style. Thanks to RESY, it was possible to save about 2.8 million liters of diesel compared to the previous year.
  • In 2020, 87 mild hybrid buses began operation. Braking energy recuperation no. 19 enables the vehicles to be used with reduced fuel and emissions. This means that, on average, they save 10 % of fuel compared with conventional vehicles.
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