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DB Netze Energy is responsible for economically and environmentally efficient energy procurement and for reliable energy provision for TOCs. DB Netze Energy also has a high-performance infrastructure for the provision of electricity and diesel to mobile and stationary consumers. To supply services that currently operate on diesel with carbon-neutral energy, an alternative drives or synthetic fuel infrastructure is being set up. The business unit strategy “Green energy for a strong rail system” has been implemented further during the year under review and integrated into thStrong Rail strategy.

  • More robustDB Netze Energy is ensuring power supply while traffic volumes increase in the long term. The new LuFV III forms the financial basis for this, for example in order to create additional power converter capacity. In addition, following a successful pilot, the rollout of sensors on traction current systems began during the year under review, driving digitalization forward. 1 Infrastructure upgrade To the Strong Rail strategy

    More powerfulIn 2020, the regulatory organization was adapted in many business units to make it more powerful thanks to a simple setup and clear processes. 6 Strong line organization To the Strong Rail strategy

  • More modern: As an energy provider to the TOCs in Germany, DB Netze Energy is a central driver of the energy transition. In order to completely switch DB traction current to renewable energies by 2038, existing fossil fuel power plant contracts will henceforth be replaced by renewable energies in an environmentally sustainable way. To enable carbon-neutral rail transport in future even on non-electrified lines, DB Netze Energy is working together with vehicle manufacturers, public transport authorities and Federal agencies to implement suitable supply solutions.
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