Development of business units

Development of the infrastructure 1 Infrastructure upgrade To the Strong Rail strategy

Station campaign with record capital expenditures

Between 2020 and 2024, € 9.0 billion should be channeled into the modernization and maintenance of stations. The Fed­­eral Government and the Federal states provide significant funding to modernize station infrastructure, especially to im­­prove accessibility. Outstanding projects include the renovations and redesigns of the main stations in Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Hanover, Berlin and Stuttgart, among others. A great deal of spending is also being made in many smaller and mid-sized stations, for example in new escalators, elevators, information boards for passengers, benches, signage systems, floors and ramps for accessibility.

Federal Government economic stimulus program for stations

As part of an economic stimulus/ trade program, in 2020 the Federal Government made an additional € 40 mil­lion available to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises while also increasing the attractiveness of stations. This was utilized throughout Germany for numerous measures. The program will be continued in 2021 with a volume of € 120 million.

Capacity and frequency recording

Capacity management is becoming significantly more important as part of Strong Rail, and we have therefore set up an independent project. To enable the anticipated growth in passenger numbers, operational and structural measures must be taken to ensure the performance capability of capa­city-critical stations. Germany in sync is contributing significantly to the passenger forecast for 2040, which forms a basis for the capacity categorization of stations. The first step is to create transparency about possible bottlenecks and their causes. Video-based frequency management is being introduced in selected stations. This will generate real-time data for the capacity assessment of the stations and allow passenger flows to be managed directly.

Accessibility at passenger stations

We support making stations accessible, for example by invest­ing in new escalators, elevators, ramps, seating, digital pas­sen­ger information and multi-sensory guidance systems. More than 90 % of passengers already have step-free platform access. For those who are blind or visually impaired, about 5,400 platforms are already fitted with tactile, this means touch-based, signage systems on the floor of the platforms.

Modernization, commissioning and construction of stations

  • The concourse building of Stuttgart’s central station has been undergoing modernization since the start of 2020. The protected structure is being given a new supporting structure and modern building technology. In addition, a new supply and disposal building and a redesigned station forecourt are being built. The contract for the main batch of demolition/shell work was awarded in May 2020. Commissioning is planned for the end of 2025.
  • The main construction works to modernize the Dortmund central station began in June 2018. The underpass is being widened and modernized and the platforms are also getting new surfaces, new equipment and modern platform roofs. After completion of the work, predicted in 2024,
    the station will be completely accessible and allow for barrier-free connectivity between all modes of transport. The capital expenditure for the modernization of the station is split between the Federal Government, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and DB Group.
  • Construction work to modernize and redesign the feeder levels under the station forecourt and the northern section at Frankfurt central station started in autumn 2020. In addition to new entrances, future visitors will also see a restructured underground infrastructure with expanded and completely redesigned retail and service spaces. It is being built in several construction phases. The measures will be under construction for a total of six years.
  • In Hanover central station, additional construction preparations for the modernization of the station were carried out in August 2020. Over the course of the coming years, all the platforms, platform roofs and some bridge structures above the passenger tunnel level will be renovated. The conveyor systems will also be modernized. Because the construction work needs to be concentrated solely over the summer holiday period, the modernization of the entire station is expected to be completed in 2032.
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