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We are facing a period of significant change. The mobility market will keep growing and changing. Digital solutions are massively accelerating this development. New forms of mobility are emerging and car transport is increasingly being questioned. Cities are growing and stretching their infrastructures to their limits; rural areas are shrinking but must nevertheless maintain their access to mobility. In order to shape the future, we have further developed our strategy in the most significant areas. The basis for implementing the strategy is restructuring the organization. The entire structure and process organization is consistently being adjusted and oriented to passengers and visitors. The restructuring is actively contributing to the Strong Rail strategy, with its three strategic areas: more robust, more powerful and more modern.

  • More robustThe core of this strategic area is the qualitative and capacitive development of our stations for more passenger growth and more visitors. Because of the targeted shift in the mode of transport, the focus is particularly on the capacity of the stations. By continually opti­mizing our cleaning and maintenance concepts, we are improving the basic quality of our stations and adjusting the capacity at stations with frequency-related bottlenecks. We would also like to include the station environment in this consideration. 2 Digitale Schiene Deutschland To the Strong Rail strategy

  • More powerfulOur processes begin with our customers and their requirements, and we develop solutions to increase customer satisfaction. With the creation of our per­­formance processes, we ensure that our actions are aligned with the needs of our customers and systematically collect their feedback. We implement consistent, end-to-end responsibility for all our processes. We focus on the effect on the end customers. The introduction of comprehensive performance management for all organi­zational units creates transparency about relevant key figures and enables clear control along our customer-oriented processes. This also includes the continuous application of digital solutions in order to become more efficient. 8 Strong admin To the Strong Rail strategy 9 Stable processes To the Strong Rail strategy
  • More modernOur services at the station must benefit our customers and improve their stay. Free WiFi at major stations and comfortable resting areas make it possible for passengers to make good use of waiting times. We continue to expand this offering and achieve steadily increasing availability. We are also bringing new offers and services to our stations. Our first step has been to develop specific solutions for 16 future stations. Since 2018, we have been continuously converting stations to a new passenger information system. We are realizing new land use concepts and services at the station via the Smart City Initiative. We are bringing new digital services and products for our customers into development. Thanks to new marketing concepts and the expansion of our sector mix, we are creating attractive product and retail offers. 14 New forms of mobility To the Strong Rail strategy 15 Smart services To the Strong Rail strategy
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