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DB Netze Track business unit

Reorganization of DB Netz AG

Process-oriented Organization 2020 (PRO2020), an initiative to underpin the Strong Network vision, entered into force in DB Netz AG in October 2020. The reorganization aims to enable the expected growth in rail transport by allowing DB Netz AG to focus even more on its customers, organize process flows according to end-to-end process logic, and establish further standards across the network. The long-distance and metropolitan network and regional networks are being integrated. DB Netz AG now comprises seven regions (formerly regional areas) and 34 networks (formerly production operations). The reorganization includes the setting up of the “Operations, Scheduling, Sales and Capacity Management” Board division, which is responsible for implementing safe train operations and, in particular, for addressing the key challenge of meeting expected increases in demand as the utilization of capacity continues to increase. Combining operations and scheduling into one Board division forms the basis for effective capacity management. By providing a well-functioning infrastructure and integrating the long-distance and metropolitan network and regional networks, the Facilities and Maintenance Management Board division provides a basis for increasing quality and punctuality while also focusing on customers and taking cost-effectiveness into account. In order to carry out construction work with a focus on the cus­to­mer, construction activities from ongoing projects, as well as expansion and new construction projects, are being combined in the Infrastructure Planning Board division. In this way, the Board division creates the conditions for better coordination of construction processes. For customers, PRO2020 therefore supports the achievement of punctuality targets and enables seamless driving and construction with high customer satisfaction targets. In the medium to long term, the reorganization of DB Netz AG will make systematic contributions to the Strong Rail strategy. By performing better, and becoming more reliable, more digital and larger, DB Netz AG forms the basis of Strong Rail. 6 Strong line organization To the Strong Rail strategy 8 Strong admin To the Strong Rail strategy 9 Stable processes To the Strong Rail strategy

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