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Digital planning and construction 1 Infrastructure upgrade To the Strong Rail strategy

Building information modeling (BIM) is a collaborative meth­­od of working where all data on rail infrastructure facilities is fed into an optimized planning, construction and management process that covers the entire life cycle and is available digitally. DB Netz AG has successfully completed the pilot phase. The Federal Government also found that the use of the BIM method generally has no effect on financial contribu­tions. New complex and standardizable projects will therefore be planned using BIM in future. DB Netz AG therefore meets the requirements of the Federal Government’s tier plan. Since spring 2020, DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH (DBE & C) has equipped all 16 planning locations in Germany and the design centers in Bucharest/Romania and Bangalore/India with special workspaces (BIM Labs). DBC is currently us­ing BIM in about 230 infrastructure projects of DB Group, 150 of which began in 2020.

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