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DB Arriva connects communities with operations in 14 European countries, and continuously invests in new vehicles, improving passenger information systems and developing new mobility solutions to complement traditional passenger modes. This in turn helps the company achieve sustainable positions across its core markets. Furthermore, DB Arriva continues to improve its position by participating in tenders across its markets. Some examples of such investment in technology, products and new tenders are:

  • UK Bus has launched a new integrated journey planning and ticketing sales platform app allowing customers to access timetables, pay for travel and track their bus in real time through a single app.
  • UK Train – CrossCountry signed a new contract.
  • Mainland Europe – DB Arriva started a new ten-year bus contract in the Pilsen region, in the Czech Republic.
  • Mainland Europe – DB Arriva worked closely with regional governments in the Netherlands to support the development of MaaS (Mobility as a Service), piloting two regional schemes.

Employees are a critical part to the success of DB Arriva. Ongoing programs of employee engagement ensure that employees have the opportunity to share their ideas and views. This feeds the development of action planning to continually develop employees and attract talent. In 2020 DB Arriva recorded an uplift in employee engagement and continues to strive to make DB Arriva an even better place to work.

Its employer attractiveness enables DB Arriva to attract and retain talent. That is why DB Arriva regularly conducts employee surveys and has developed an action plan to continually improve employee retention.

DB Arriva’s commitment to the environment and to the wider sustainability agenda is an integral part of its corporate culture. Central to this is reducing fuel consumption, improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. By introducing new telematics systems in 10,000 buses during 2020, DB Arriva expects to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, DB Arriva continues to deliver on its commitments to reduce waste, fuel, water and energy use.

In summer 2020, a review of DB Arriva’s strategic alignment was initiated with the aim of reviewing the strategic business portfolio and identifying potential for improvement. In this context, capital expenditures priorities and cost-saving potential were also defined. In addition, the management team of DB Arriva was partially reorganized to provide the best possible support for the strategic realignment.

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