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Targets and management approach

We aim to achieve our climate neutrality target by 2050 and thus run our transport services in a carbon-neutral manner. For this, we plan to take regular steps toward powering our electric rail transport in Germany with 100% eco-power by 2038. Our climate target for 2030 is an important milestone in this process. This target covers all major greenhouse gas emissions in our transport and infrastructure business units.

In order to achieve this objective, we are raising the share of renewable energies in the DB traction current mix in Germany to 80 % by 2030. Since January 2018, for example, passengers in DB long-distance transport have been traveling on all-electrified lines in Germany using 100 % eco-power  no. 1 and are therefore climate-neutral. In our stationary facilities, we have also started to switch the power supply to renewable energy sources. For example, our Future Sta­­tions  no. 74 are powered by eco-power. We are continuously expanding the share of energy-efficient production equipment, for example in the course of renewing our vehicle fleet. We are also driving progress toward climate neutrality with energy efficiency targets in our business units, and we regularly assess how they are developing. Our key indicators for climate protection are specific greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2006 and the share of renewable energies in the DB traction current mix in Germany. With new, attractive rail transport services, we are creating in­centives to bring more transport to the rails. The shifting of transport to rail is also an important component in achieving Ger­many’s national climate targets in the transport sector.

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