Biodiversity and vegetation management

Project to phase out glyphosate 0 Environment and 100% green electricity To the Strong Rail strategy

Safe rail operations and environmental protection are our top priorities. For us, this includes ceasing the use of glyphosate as soon as we can. Specifically, we plan to have phased out the use of glyphosate by the end of 2022. This is a major challenge as there is currently no reliable and environmentally friendly alternative that is just as effective and can be used on tracks. In addition to chemical vegetation control, we are increasingly focusing on the use of manually operated, mechanical methods, such as mowing, to keep the track area free from vegetation and thus ensure safe rail operations. We are also working on developing effective alternatives to glyphosate. Potential control methods that use hot water, electrical currents, and UV-C light are currently being tested, and we are developing technologies for mechanical control methods. In addition, we are looking into the application of bioherbicides. By using a coordinated combination of various measures, we will ensure sustainable vegetation management throughout the entire DB network.

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