Transporting hazardous goods and waste

Transporting hazardous goods and waste responsibly is part of our everyday processes. DB Schenker has a permit to transport hazardous waste. DB Cargo is a certified waste management operator for the purpose of transporting all types of waste, giving it the framework it needs to transport hazardous waste professionally and responsibly at all times.

Significant leaks and pills

In 2020, there were two reportable events involving pro­­duct leaks and spills: one at DB Cargo in Germany and one at DB Cargo UK. On August 26, 2020, 330,000 l of diesel (UN 1202) were spilled in Llangennech (UK), and on October 16, 2020, 5,750 kg of hydrocarbon gas (UN 1965) leaked at Gelsen­kirchen-Horst Nord (Germany). Leaks and spills can occur as a result of accidents happening while hazardous goods are being transported. As part of our transport companies’ emergency management procedures, emergency response authorities are immediately alerted once irregularities have been detected. Reporting obligations apply if volumes and weights exceed the predefined thresholds. If any leaks or spills occur, we take immediate action. If required, the transport containers are sealed, the transported goods are relocated, and the hazardous materials that have leaked are disposed of as quickly as possible in consultation with the authorities.

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