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In order to expand the portfolio for noise reduction measures no. 54 on infrastructure, the BMVI and DB Netz AG launched the “Innovative and application-oriented noise remediation testing” initiative I-LENA in April 2016, which was completed this year. The project gave manufacturers of noise remediation technologies the opportunity to have their innovations tested under real operating conditions on test lines to examine the acoustic effectiveness of their solutions. The BMVI provided funds for the project and bore the costs for construction and development as well as for acoustic testing. More than 50 ideas were put forward at the beginning of I-LENA, and in the end about 30 of them were field-tested in real-world conditions. The selected technologies covered a broad spectrum. One criterion was that the technologies had to have a certain degree of innovation, which increases profitability or reduces the impact on the landscape, for example. Manufacturers were also required to submit an application-ready prototype with the necessary technical approval for testing.

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