Noise reduction

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In 2020, we exceeded the target that we jointly set with the Federal Government to halve the amount of rail transport noise affecting residents living near Federal rail lines by 2020. By the end of 2020, all active freight cars in the DB Cargo fleet in Germany had been fitted with whisper brakes no. 05 and, as part of the Federal Government’s noise remediation program, fixed active and passive soundproofing measures were implemented on a total of 2,039 km of the rail network.

We are continuing to implement noise remediation measures on our rail tracks and vehicles in line with the new 2030/2050 noise remediation target, which was agreed in 2020. With our two-pillar strategy for greater noise remediation, we are building acceptance among local residents for the shift in the mode of transport toward climate-friendly rail services.

Since 2001, DB Cargo has been exclusively procuring new freight cars with quiet brake shoes. After completing the development of and obtaining accreditation for the LL brake shoe in 2013, which can usually be used with existing cars without requiring any further modifications to the brake system, DB Cargo has also been fitting all existing cars in its German fleet with these brake shoes since 2014. This means that DB Cargo’s more than 60,000 active freight cars in Germany are equipped with whisper brakes. In 2020, we also successfully implemented noise remediation measures at the source.

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