Opportunity and risk report


Changes to the legal framework at the national or European level could pose risks to our business. This general regulatory risk could therefore result in tangible negative effects on revenues and profit.

These regulations govern, among other things, the individual components of the pricing systems and general terms and conditions applied by our RIC. There are risks of complaints and intervention here. Measures that threaten or even prevent DB Group from attaining reasonable returns in our infrastructure business units (such as an intervention in pricing systems) make it more difficult to manage these activi­­­ties from a business perspective and can therefore threaten financing contributions by DB Group to capital expenditures in infrastructure.

Political risks particularly relate to the strengthening of existing standards and regulations concerning the rail­way industry (for example passenger rights). The structure of DB Group may also be exposed to regulatory risks.

In order to respond to risks resulting from changing legal framework conditions on either a national or an international level, we take an active part in the discussions and debates that take place ahead of this type of change.

Opportunities result from the promotion of green mobility, including achieving state climate targets such as those in the climate package.

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