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We are one of Germany’s largest educators and train prospective employees in 50 modern apprenticeship professions. Even in uncertain times, we offer young people good professional prospects and generally offer a permanent contract to trainees and dual students after successfully passing the final examination.The current Covid-19 crisis does not change this, because committed young professionals continue to be integral for strong rail transport and a successful mobility transition.

Young professionals as of Dec 31 (NP)





Vocational trainees 1)




Dual-degree students 1)




Graduate trainees 2)




Interns 2)




Chance plus participants




DB Group




1) Germany; includes all class years of vocational training (usually three class years for both vocational trainees and dual degree students).
2) Germany (companies with about 98 % of domestic employees).

We are continuously increasing our capacity in order to be able to qualify the additional personnel professionally and quickly. As many railway-specific professions are not available on the labor market, we are one of the largest training institutions in Germany.

Disclosures on the targeted professional objectives.
Excluding the vocational trainees hired after having successfully completed their training, and students in dual study hired having successfully completed their studies.

In 2020, about 4,600 young professionals started their apprenticeships or studies at DB Group – more than ever before. DB Group received about 94,000 applications for training places in the integrated rail system in 2020. This shows that we are an attractive employer, especially among young people, perhaps due to discussions about climate change, sustainability and environmental protection. Most of the vocational trainees started in the role of railway employee in operational service on the track, in the field of train driver/transport and as electricians.

Targeted and efficient qualification of employees is an important strategic focus area. We want to maintain our railway-­specific expertise in the company and at the same time enable our employees to meet the requirements of a changing working environment. During the Covid-19 pandemic, vocational training and further qualification pathways were largely ensured via virtual learning formats. In some cases, the formats required for this were redesigned as digital offers within a very short space of time. All young professionals in the first year of teaching/study received a mobile end device in 2020. The provision of mobile end devices was a key factor for the successful continuation of the young talent programs during the Covid-19 pandemic. The final examinations were taken within the time frame of the existing training contracts and the new entrants this year were able to start the first year of training at DB Group in time for the start of training in September 2020.

In the meantime, work was being done on introducing a digital training management tool. In the year under review, the EU tender for the purchase of this system was completed and the rollout was prepared for the subsequent years.

Further information can be found in the section Securing young talent.

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