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Employer branding
campaign further

In line with our Strong Rail strategy, we continued our major employment campaign in 2020. The employer branding campaign “Welcome, you are one of us.” was further developed and recruiting processes were digitalized.

New corporate
wear introduced

The new corporate wear gives employees a modern and relatable appearance and is an important symbol for employees and passengers against the backdrop of the Strong Rail strategy. The order began in January, and sustainable production began in the spring. The new outfits have been
in use since August 2020.

30% women in
action package

In order to be visible to women as an employer, a package of measures was developed, including a new women’s recruitment strategy. In future, at least one woman will be placed on the shortlist to fill management positions. A specific approach is in place to increase the proportion of women applicants. For example, individual events will be held and sponsorships will be offered during the application process.

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