Personnel planning

In order to ensure that DB Group is robustly positioned, we need effective and efficient personnel planning and management throughout the entire human resources (HR) value chain, from differentiated planning to recruitment, qualification and functional training, right through to considering actual performance effectiveness. As a key part of holistic resource management, we work to close capacity and competence gaps and to use the right employees in the right numbers at the rightlocations. With a view to high-performance personnelmanagement, we have been working to improve our forecasting capability and reporting. This has helped us create foundations to create a rolling, 18-month forecast in connection with the performance-related portfolio for key operational functions in the future.

We have started automating our reporting and making it more flexible in order to ensure consistently transparent HR performance across the entire Group.

Strategic Personnel Planning (SPP) is an instrument for analyzing our longer-term personnel policy challenges. This gives us a standardized and systematic view of the next decade regarding personnel shortages and surpluses in business-­critical activities. We have begun to further develop the SPP in the direction of strategic workforce management. In addition to the quantitative aspects, we strive to take into account qualitative aspects, such as changing professional requirements, activity profiles and competencies in order to be able to recruit and qualify even more specifically in the future.

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