Strong Rail

Mobilization of employees 10 15 employee building blocks To the Strong Rail strategy

The 15 employee building blocks are of particular significance. This is a moderated, participative development process. All DB employees in Germany are encouraged and invited to get involved. The goal of the process is to develop 15 additional building blocks that reflect employees’ concerns and will enable DB Group to successfully implement all the strategy’s building blocks in the future. The goal of the additional building blocks is to create a general framework that will enable employees to act in a sustainable way, in the sense of the strategy. In interdisciplinary teams, employees develop their own solutions for the biggest challenges they face in the form of prototypes.

The Management Board of DB AG has jointly undertaken to ensure that the 15 employee building blocks are implemented. It is also important for successful mobilization to entrench the inner ambition, the strategic objectives and key messages within all employees and to strengthen optimism about the success and future of the Group. To this end, we are relying on strong and powerful internal and external communication regarding change.

These building blocks are created in what are referred to as Expansion Workshops. The first of these workshops was held in autumn 2019. The results was the building block Safe travel. We started implementing the building block in January 2020.

In February and March 2020, three Expansion Workshops were held with this focus, resulting in the creation of three building blocks:

  • My knowledge – Your knowledge – Our knowledge addresses the need of employees to be able to access documented knowledge more easily and to gain better access to internal knowledge carriers.
  • Colleagues leave – their knowledge stays aims to provide a structure for safeguarding and transferring empirical know­ledge. Among other things, the use of digital tools and ensuring an overlap in employment will help to better structure the handover and, in addition, the standardization of processes will ensure that the empirical knowledge of outgoing colleagues is documented and transferred to new colleagues.
  • Knowing how railways run aims to establish a broader understanding of system and network knowledge. This building block contains mandatory seminars for selected target groups and the more consistent use of e-learning courses, as well as the development of new solutions for comprehensive training and further education in the integrated rail system.
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