Strong Rail

Strong Rail targets

The building blocks serve as a regulatory framework for implementing and monitoring the strategy. Specific measures are the basis for each building block. A construction manager was named for the operational management of each building block, and they are accountable to the Management Board for designing the measures and their operational implementation. The building blocks were incorporated in the mid-term plan. We monitor the target contribution with correspond­­ing key performance indicators. This measurement is ongoing, and is managed and monitored within the Strong Rail Board, a specially created body, supervised by the Management Board and the Chairs of the business units of the integrated rail system.

The top targets of the Strong Rail strategy

On the basis of the transport policy objectives of the Federal Government:

  • Doubling passenger numbers in rail passenger transport
  • Freight transport market share held by rail from 18 % to 25 %
  • 100% of traction current from renewable energies (by 2038)

we aim to achieve the objectives of the strategy through a to­­tal of ten DB-specific targets. Our primary objective is to make our contribution to the shift in the mode of trans­­port. To this end, we are focusing equally on growth in rail passenger and rail freight transport.

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