Security at DB Group

DB Group spends about € 170 million annually on the security of its customers and employees. As part of a law enforcement partnership, over 5,000 Federal police officers and about 4,200 of DB Groupʼs own security personnel work together, with technical support, to combat crime and disruptive activity and increase the security of our customers and employees. Security personnel on trains and in stations first and foremost work to ensure that all passengers and station visitors feel safe. In 2020, the number of bag and baggage thefts on trains and in stations fell by more than a third. Our measures to protect our employees and customers, coordinated with employee special interest groups, also contributed to this. This includes further improvements to training frameworks for all business units and further investment in technical equipment for location-based scheduling. The use of bodycams, in particular, continues to make a significant contribution to ensuring greater safety and provides protection against attacks. The cameras are now being used at 13 major stations in nine metropolitan areas. Their use in practice confirms previous experience: employees with bodycams are significantly less likely to be attacked. In the year under review, ongoing training continued for our about 20,000 customer-facing employees. Despite restrictions due to Covid-19, de-escalation and self-defense training took place under strict hygiene protocols.

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