Group security

Targets and management approach

Security is an important commodity and a basic requirement of our customers and employees. We are responsible for millions of people and goods on a daily basis. Our security organization maintains an ongoing dialog with security authorities. Consistently sharing status information between the Group Security function and the Federal police headquarters is a roundthe-clock task shared by DB Group and the Federal police in the rail security center. The six operations centers in DB Security’s regional divisions coordinate regional security issues and are available 24/7 to be contacted by the business units, non-Group train operating companies (TOC), and authorities. In total more than 5,000 Federal police officers and about 4,200 security personnel are deployed across Germany. DB Group and the Federal police are constantly recruiting new employees and expanding their training capacities. More than 120 vocational trainees started their three-year apprenticeship in September 2020. More than 400 young people across Germany are currently undertaking specialist training in safety and security at DB Group. In 2020, the number of criminal offenses affecting DB Group and its customers increased slightly. Increases in criminal incidents on Group-owned property were recorded, which came as a result of the increased presence of security personnel on trains and in stations, meaning more offenses were discovered.

Enforcing mandatory face covering rules on trains and in stations was a particular challenge for security in 2020. In the course of the regular duties of the train and security personnel, as well as during special deployments of security teams with the Federal police and local law enforcement, passengers seemed willing to wear masks on the whole. Fewer than 5 % of customers needed to be told about the requirement.

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