Data Protection Advisory Board

Digitalization and data protection dominated discussions in 2020. They focused on data protection-related aspects and the protection of the right to privacy for employees andcustomers. Topics discussed included the Digital Rail for Germany program, the work of the Data Intelligence Center, and activities related to video surveillance and Corporate Digital Responsibility. Discussions also focused on ensuring data protection and security when migrating data from IT applications to the DB Enterprise Cloud. In addition, the Advisory Board discussed in depth Germany’s Covid-19 contact tracing app, the Corona-Warn-App, and its use at work.

Since 2010, the Data Protection Advisory Board has been advising the Management Board on relevant data protection issues, making an important contribution to stakeholder dialog. In 2020, for the sixth consecutive year, the committee gave out the Data Protection Award, which recognizes innovative and exemplary data protection projects within DB Group. The Gold Data Protection Award 2020 went to DB Cargo UK’s project team “Little Monsters – IT Data Security Campaign,” a digital campaign that used four “little monsters” to greatly increase awareness around data security and data protection issues in an accessible and friendly way.

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