In line with our Strong Rail strategy, we have continued our major employment campaign in 2020. About 100,000 new employees are to be recruited, qualified and committed. In 2020, about 25,400 applicants received a hiring commitment for the integrated rail system. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to redesign our talent acquisition strategy and develop more than 40 measures for digital recruitment within just a few days. Since then, thousands of job interviews have been conducted virtually. Recruitment events are also taking place in digital formats. In this context, numerous innovative virtual events for talent acquisition have been developed and successfully implemented. For example, we developed “ExpertTalks@DB,” in which employees could talk to interested parties about their position and activities.

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New hires

In 2020, about 26,300 new employees (including young talent) completed their first working day at DB Group in Germany despite the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that we are relatively close to the record level of the previous year. These new hires (including young professionals) include more than 2,200 multiple unit drivers, about 1,800 traffic controllers and about 3,500 maintenance technicians. They strive to continuously strengthen our Strong Rail at challenging points in the system and improve quality for our customers.

In 2020, we had 21,700 external new hires, excluding young talent. This is an important contribution to the implementation of our central strategic HR objective and to the robustness of DB Group.

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