A strong rail system in Germany is our inner ambition. It helps our country to overcome existential challenges::

  • For the climate
  • For people
  • For the economy
  • For Europe.

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We’re creating more capacity


To cope with the expected growth in rail transport, we are continuing to expand the track infrastructure and improve quality and customer service. The creation of additional capacity is essential for shifting transport to rail. We have created a larger framework for this with our Strong Rail strategy.

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Implementing Strong Rail

The building blocks of the Strong Rail strategy

We have set ourselves the goal of harmonizing the economic, social and environmental factors with our business goals. Sustainability is anchored in our guiding principles and an integral part of our DNA. In response to the rapidly changing environmental, social and political conditions as well as internal challenges, we have formulated a new structural aspiration – our inner ambition – which is the heart of our new Strong Rail strategy. With the Strong Rail strategy, we expressly acknowledge our social responsibility and define our concrete contribution to achieving the Federal Government’s central transport and climate policy objectives. 

Strong Rail targets

The top targets of the Strong Rail strategy

On the basis of the transport policy objectives of the Federal Government:

  • Doubling passenger numbers in rail passenger transport
  • Freight transport market share held by rail from 18% to 25%
  • 100% of traction current from renewable energies (by 2038)

we aim to achieve the objectives of the strategy through a total of ten DB-specific targets. Our primary objective is to make our contribution to the shift in the mode of transport. To this end, we are focusing equally on growth in rail passenger and rail freight transport.

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