A strong rail system,
not only for the climate

A strong rail for Germany – our inner ambition

In 2019 we presented our Strong Rail strategy. No one was talking about systemic importance back then, but of #GreenTransformation and of the #TrafficShift. The first successes of Strong Rail came about through plenty of energy and determination. Then came Covid-19, and we showed that we are not only important for the climate and crucial for mobility. We are essential for society. #SystemicImportance

We want to
continue on our
growth path

The long-term trends for
Strong Rail are intact and gaining
increasingly wide support.

For the

... because protecting the climate is still important and is becoming more and more pressing.

For the

... because networking is moving forward and the need for “green” transport is growing.


... because leisure and professional mobility are and will continue to be essential needs in a digital society.


... because cross-border mobility and transport are essential and increasingly in demand in a common market.

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