A strong rail system,
not only for the climate

#GreenTransformationVital for a mobility

Rail is the key for a transition to more sustainable mobility. We are taking a holistic approach to the Green Transformation of DB Group: this means not only making all our products and services green, but also designing our way of working to be even greener and more sustainable. In this way, we are taking responsibility for the environment and society.

We are strengthening the rail in Germany – for the climate, for people, for the economy and for Europe. We have embedded this understanding in our Strong Rail strategy and are implementing it with our Green Transformation. After all, we know that German and European climate targets can only be achieved through environmentally friendly rail.

On the path to climate neutrality

Germany’s climate targets can only be achieved with a strong rail. For us, climate protection means reducing our specific CO₂ emissions by more than half by 2030, converting our traction current entirely to 100% eco-power by 2038, and being climate-neutral by 2050. In this way we can ensure that Deutsche Bahn lives up to its responsibilities to ensure a successful mobility revolution in Germany and in Europe, and turn our customers into protectors of the environment.

Largest eco-
power package

We are continuing to expand our top position in Germany in terms of eco-power use

With three new contracts supplying about 780 gigawatt hours of green energy, we are securing our supply for the coming years. With this amount of hydroelectric, wind and solar power alone, it would be possible to operate about 40,000 trains for more than 20 days. This is the largest green traction current package in the history of DB Group and another milestone on the way to a completely green railway.

by 2030
reduction of our
specific CO₂ emissions
by 2038
eco-power in the
DB traction current mix
by 2050
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