A strong rail system,
not only for the climate

for mobility

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the waiver of non-essential travel has had a particularly significant impact on our business. At the same time, we have been, and still are, constantly aware of our systemically important role as the backbone of public mobility, and we have lived up to that responsibility together with the public transport authorities.

We have maintained at least a stable basic service at all times. That was not just to make sure everyone gets to where they are needed – whether hospitals, deployment sites or supermarkets. No, we were also able to give our customers a slice of normality: their summer holiday in Germany.

Always there for our customers

Our employees keep Germany mobile. We are still offering our services despite the pandemic to make sure everyone reaches their destination. We are reliably keeping mobility and supply in Germany going. Where other modes of transport stopped operating during the shutdown, we kept hurtling along. In this way, we proved to be a partner who leaves nobody behind, especially in times of crisis.

The highest customer
satisfaction and best brand
awareness in DB history

The rock of mobility

“We’re moving on!” Consistently since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have played a substantial part in getting people and goods safely and reliably to their destination. Our brand image and customer satisfaction figures both reached new highs in 2020. In particular, this shows that our customers highly value our commitment and our reliability during the pandemic.

Customer satisfaction in long-distance transport
Customer satisfaction (rail) in regional transport
Punctuality in long-distance transport

#SystemicImportanceBackbone of
the economy

Large, green and powerful! During the Covid-19 crisis, we have shown that DB Cargo and rail freight transport can be relied on: we run also across borders and without traffic jams. Thus, DB Cargo has ensured that during the Covid-19 pandemic the supply of European economy has continued across borders.

DB Cargo connects the economic centers of Europe. From the very first phase of the Covid-19 crisis it was clear that, as the backbone of the German and European economy, DB Cargo is an enormously important provider of rail freight transport and that we are there for the economy and for people.

Maintaining essential supply chains

Whether pasta, tomato sauce or toilet paper, in the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, what had been mundane everyday items suddenly became sought-after goods. “Supply secured!” was the crucial message here. DB Cargo and DB Schenker have helped to maintain flows of goods in Europe and worldwide every day around the clock. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of stable supply chains: logistics makes the world go round. One example is our short-term pasta transports in April 2020, which allowed empty supermarket shelves to be refilled quickly.

Supply of essential
protective equipment

Millions of protective masks came from China across the Eurasian railway bridge

In early May 2020, the first delivery of millions of masks and other protective equipment came across the Eurasian railway bridge and arrived in Rostock. On board were four containers of 7.4 million protective masks for Germany and six containers of urgently needed protective equipment for Italy. DB Cargo and DB Schenker dealt with sales and logistics by providing combined services. In just 12 days, the supplies traveled by train from the terminal in Xi’an in China, via Kazakhstan and Russia, to Kaliningrad – a total of more than 10,000 km on the rails. From Kaliningrad, the containers reached Rostock by ship and then continued by rail to Duisburg and Verona. The goods were delivered to their final destinations by truck. Rail transport has many advantages over air freight from China. It is significantly more climate-friendly and cost-effective.

Duisburg /

A strong team for a
strong rail system

For the first time, the DB Management Board has presented the DB Award 2020 not just to individual DB employees, but to all of them for their exceptional dedication in 2020.

“In 2020, we all proved that you can count on us. As a result, more than ever, we have become exactly whatwe need to be: a strong DB team. I cannot imagine any more deserving winner, and I would like to thank all of our colleagues for their extraordinary commitment.”

Thank you

To all the helpers in the crisis.
To all those who are there for our customers.
To all our employees who are keeping Germany mobile.

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