A strong rail system,
not only for the climate

#TrafficShiftWe’re creating
more capacity

To cope with the expected growth in rail transport, we are continuing to expand the track infrastructure and improve quality and customer service. The creation of additional capacity is essential for shifting transport to rail. We have created a larger framework for this with our Strong Rail strategy.

Achieving this ambitious project requires a joint effort from us, the entire industry and politicians. With Strong Rail, we are taking on central transport and climate policy projects by the Federal Government and creating the basis for a sustainable shift in the mode of transport.

Record capital expenditures in the rail network and station

We are making the infrastructure fit for the future to produce the conditions for even more growth on the rails. To do this, we need one thing in particular: more capacity! The target is for our infrastructure to handle at least 30% more traffic to a high standard. That is why we, together with the Federal Government, are investing heavily in the modernization of the existing network and in expansion and newly build lines, hubs and service facilities for passenger and freight transport. More capacity is also made possible by the digitalization of rail operations – Digital Rail for Germany is the crucial key to success here: we are implementing the standardized European Train Control System (ETCS) and digital interlockings throughout the network. This not only enables trains to be operated more frequently and at higher speeds, but also reduces disruptions and therefore increases operating quality.

Expansion of
the ICE fleet

Billions of capital expenditures in our fleet

Along with infrastructure and employees, the expansion of vehicle capacity is a key requirement for us to achieve our growth targets and a sustainable shift to rail transport. Our target for DB Long-Distance is to have up to 600 trains in operation. The ICE 4 fleet will then be the core of our high-speed fleet. In regional transport, too, we are working together with public transport authorities to expand the fleet and increase seating capacity.

ICE 4 trains
in total by 2026
new ICE 4 trains
joined our fleet in 2020
ICE trains overall in
the fleet in 2026

#TrafficShiftWe’re making
rail digital

In terms of digitalization, Strong Rail means creating an ultra-smart mobility network. Digitalization is key to expanding capacity: technological innovation and the digitalization of the network are, along with physical expansion, the most effective levers for increasing capacity in the rail network.

Systematic digitalization and greater automation of vehicle maintenance are important requirements for our fleets to achieve higher availability. And, last but not least, mobility needs to be fun – with maximum flexibility to determine and individualize the travel experience. Digitalization provides the basis for this, too.

WiFi that travels with you

We are continually expanding our technical WiFi infrastructure at stations and on trains and buses. With WIFI@DB, our trains are a step closer to being an extension of the living room or a mobile office. Our customers can surf continuously while on the train, at the station and in the DB Lounge. In previous years, we have invested a total of more than € 200 million in this. About 3,800 access points have been installed so far.

Making our IT infra-
structure capacities
more flexible

We have moved ... to the cloud

Cloud migration has been one of our biggest IT projects in recent years. Our teams have succeeded in moving our IT to the cloud “with the wheels still turning” – without impacting on rail operations. The exceptional situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic has shown how important the decision to migrate to the cloud has been. Some IT systems were suddenly in very high demand, while others were hardly needed at all. The cloud allows capacity to be adjusted quickly. The gains in terms of stability and greater resilience are enormously important in times of crisis, because if the IT doesn’t work, the trains don’t run.

We have completely migrated our IT from our data centers to the cloud.
Several hundred applications, including the ticket sales systems or the SAP landscape, one of the largest in Europe, have been migrated while in operation.
The cloud makes the IT systems more powerful and more cost-efficient. We only pay for the IT resources that we actually use.

We’re making
rail strong

We’re becoming more robust.

DB Group is becoming more robust through more train-paths, more trains and more employees.

We’re becoming more powerful.

DB Group is becoming more powerful through a simple setup, clear processes and a joint approach.

We’re becoming more modern.

DB Group is becoming more modern through a faster cycle, stronger connections and a smarter service.

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