Sustainability management

Group non-financial report

DB Group has opted for the voluntary submission of a Group non-financial report (NFR). As part of our integrated report approach, we provide comprehensive reports on all material sustainability issues.

Three areas of action were identified in the materiality analysis as material within the meaning of the CSR Directive Imple­mentation Act (CSR-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz; CSR-RUG); these remained material in the year under review:

The contents of the NFR can be found in the relevant chapters of the Group management report and in the Notes on sustainability, and were prepared in accordance with the inter­national standards of the GRI in the core option and taking into account the reporting requirements of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). In addition, we provide additional voluntary disclosures on further matters.

Elements of the
non-financial report

DB topics

Business model

Business model 

Environmental matters  

Climat protection

Social matters  

Capacityexpansion of the infrastructure and vehicle fleets

Other matters
(economic performance capability)

Business development

Environmental matters  

Nature conservation

Air quality control 

Water consumption

Employee matters  

Work of the future

Employment conditions

Group secuirity


Respect for human rights  

Human rights

Combating corruption and bribery  


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