Sustainability management

DB Museum – living history

Deutsche Bahn Foundation operates the DB Museum in Nuremberg at its sites in Koblenz and Halle (Saale), which are supported by volunteer employees in cooperation with the BSW EWH Foundation Family (Stiftungsfamilie BSW & EWH).

A permanent exhibition tracking the history of the railway in Germany forms the core of the museum and is on show in the building in Nuremberg. In 2020, the section on the history of stations was expanded under the title “Station Times” (“Bahnhofszeiten”). The pandemic-related restrictions had a significant negative impact on the DB Museum. After closures in spring 2020, operations were only able to resume in May 2020 (Nuremberg) and July 2020 (Koblenz and Halle) under strict hygiene conditions. Through its adapted offers, new digital formats, outdoor activities and the special exhibition “Focused” (“Fokussiert”) on the 100th anniversary of the Reichsbahn, the museum succeeded in regaining many guests in the second half of 2020. However, due to the can­cellation of many events and train runs and the renewed closure from November 2020, a total decline of 66 % compared to the previous year was recorded in 2020.

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