Sustainability management

Support for people in need

Deutsche Bahn Foundation works closely with the Railway Station Missions (Bahnhofsmissionen), which provide support at over 100 stations in Germany. In spring and winter 2020, Deutsche Bahn Foundation conducted Covid-19 emergency support programs for railway station missions. These provided supplies such as food, hygiene and protective equipment as well as clothing, sleeping bags and sleeping mats for the cold season.

Deutsche Bahn Foundation and the German Association of Rail­way Station Missions (Verein Bahnhofsmission Deutschland) helped foreign-language-speaking passengers get answers to queries via video interpretation at more than 20 locations: video translators could be consulted via tablet in more than 60 languages to answer inquiries in order to reduce language barriers.

Deutsche Bahn Foundation is supporting a walk-in clinic near the Berlin Central Station, where people without health insurance can receive medical assistance free of charge. The offer was taken up more often in 2020.

Beyond that, Deutsche Bahn Foundation offered structured discussions to those with mental and psychological issues through “Motivators at the Station” at the Berlin Central Station, and where necessary referred them to the social and psychiatric health system in Berlin. Here, too, there was an increase in demand. This offer is starting to be expanded to include additional railway station mission locations.

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