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We are working on issues that are material to us and our stakeholders. You can find an overview of our material sustainability topics in the chapter “To our stakeholders.”

There are a number of levers to increase product quality, but for us, improving punctuality is the most important starting point. Internal punctuality controls are based on lost units (number of delayed trains). To measure punctuality, we compare the target arrival time to the actual time for every train run. A stop is considered on time if the scheduled arrival time is exceeded by less than six minutes in passenger transport or less than 16 minutes in freight transport. We summarize the arrival of trains on schedule or up to a defined maximum delay using a degree of punctuality. The figures are recorded daily and are made available to executives and employees together with the reasons for the current faults and other management key figures, allowing measures to be taken to manage the situation.

In addition, punctuality data, together with the associated indicators, are prepared regularly and used by the Management Board to determine what currently needs to be acted upon and where decisions are required. Punctuality is the key indicator of product quality and is a determining factor in calculating the variable remuneration amount for executives at DB Group.

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Capacity expansion for a Strong Rail System

Expanding fleet and infrastructure capacity also significantly impacts quality and punctuality.

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