Service relationships with Group management

Group management incorporates various governance and service functions that, with a few regulatory exceptions, perform functions for the entire DB Group. The costs of governance functions were generally not passed on to the business units until 2022 (no Group charges). From 2023, intra-Group settlement will take place again.

Service relationships with Group management

Charges for DB Business Services are only transferred if these result from direct transactions with the business units, or expenses that are directly attributable to a tangible service. This applies in particular to expenses on the use of real estate, central procurement and technology services, and for centrally consolidated insurance expenses.

The Group job market performs an important central function. DB JobService GmbH employs personnel whose jobs in German companies of DB Group have been lost, with the aim of finding another intra-Group job for them. It therefore plays a key role in the functioning of the DB-internal labor market.

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