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Digitalization and innovation

DB Cargo is positioning itself on the market with, among other things, the following measures to drive digitalization and innovation:

  • DB Cargo is testing the new digital automatic couplings that are an integral part of the digitalization of freight trains. The digital automatic coupling enables freight cars to be automatically coupled. With the new coupling technology, freight trains can become longer and heavier. This increases rail network capacity. To this end, around 500,000 freight cars across Europe will have to be fitted with the digital automatic coupling by 2030. In order to achieve this, DB Cargo is also carrying out installation in pop-up workshops in addition to modifications performed in its own workshops. With the help of these mobile workshop tents, freight cars can be equipped with the new technology in the immediate vicinity of their locations, for example for industrial customers, within a short period of time. Together with partner companies, up to 150 pop-up locations are to be set up throughout Europe.
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