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DB Museum 

Deutsche Bahn Foundation operates the DB Museum in Nuremberg and its branches in Koblenz and Halle (Saale), which are supported by volunteer employees.

In 2022, museum operations were subject to less Covid-19-related restrictions. After all pandemic-related restrictions were lifted in late-March 2022, the number of visitors rebounded. In the summer months, a similar number of guests were welcomed as before the Covid-19 pandemic; with more than 170,000 visitors across all locations, growth of around 180% compared with the previous year was recorded in 2022. An attractive program of events with several open-air events contributed to this. In addition, major events were held for the first time since 2019, each attracting several thousand visitors to the museum.

As in the previous year, DB Museum also invested in long-term projects. A large facility for historic rolling stock was opened in Koblenz. The operational “Rheingold-TEE” train was restored with funding, and not only has part of the open-air area at DB Museum in Nuremberg been modernized, but a new permanent exhibition unit has also been designed for a ceremonial trophy acquired with funding.

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