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DB Group plays an important role in advancing the railway system in Germany and Europe. We are therefore sought after as a dialog partner in public discussions, and actively engage in dialog with the entire sector. We discuss our own transport policy positions at the national and international level and seek to use facts and figures to contribute to the decision-making process. Political decisions can have a significant impact on the competitiveness and growth opportunities of rail transport, as well as the economic develop­­ment of DB Group and the industry, such as on the level of state financing of rail or regulatory requirements. We provide information on key developments in the political environment in the reporting period in the section Fundamentals.

Our core objective in political dialog is to demonstrate the necessary prerequisites and framework conditions to strengthen rail as a climate-friendly mode of transport and thus also to achieve the Strong Rail targets. Our work in and with associations plays an important role in this. DB Group is a deeply rooted member of several associations. The following memberships are particularly relevant for political discourse (in alphabetical order based on German designation):

In addition to our stakeholder charter, we have set strict internal standards for participation in political processes, which are summarized as “Group Principles Ethics — Code of Conduct” and which are binding Group-wide. This stipulates, among other things, that contributions of any kind to politi­cal parties, their representatives, political leaders, elected representatives and candidates for political office are generally prohibited. In addition, the Lobby Register Act came into force in Germany on January 1, 2022. The lobby register and corresponding regulations at national and EU level make it possible to transparently track structures of influence by stakeholders on the political decision-making and policy formation process.

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