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Support for people in need

Deutsche Bahn Foundation works closely with the German Association of Train Station Welfare Centers (Verein Bahnhofsmission Deutschland) and the approximately 100 train station welfare centers (Bahnhofsmissionen) in order to carry out long-term projects for people in need of assistance in the station environment in addition to short-term cooperation in crisis situations.

The “Motivators at the Station” project developed jointly at the Berlin central station is being rolled out nationwide as a qualification program for employees of train station welfare centers. Some 27 motivators are now working at 21 stations to offer qualified advice to people with psychosocial problems.

A new Deutsche Bahn Foundation project, run together with the train station welfare centers, to promote digital participation for guests of the train station welfare centers, aims to improve access for disadvantaged people without a full education, socially excluded people and those affected by poverty to an increasingly digital society.

Since 2014, Deutsche Bahn Foundation has also supported a walk-in clinic near the Berlin central station, where people without health insurance can receive medical assistance at any time of the year free of charge.

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