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Procedure for defining traction current grid access

The procedure for defining the further development of the business processes for access to the traction current grid, which was initiated by BNetzA in 2019, was finalized in late June 2022. Previously, the BNetzA had provided the market with two versions of future automated business processes for public consultation. The procedure for defining the measures improves the transparency and enforceability of the access rules, data formats and communication deadlines for all market partners (electricity suppliers, train operating companies, vehicle owners and traction current grid operators). The BNetzA has also increased the responsibility of the owners of the vehicles. In order to supply the traction current grid operator with binding usage data in due time, this information will be provided by vehicle owners in future. This will improve the quality and speed of the access processes all the way through to settlement. DB Netze Energy welcomes this further development in its role as the traction current grid operator. Market participants are now required to implement the determination in their IT systems by July 1, 2026.

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