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Employee satisfaction




Employee satisfaction 1) (SI)



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1) The employee satisfaction survey is conducted every two years on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best possible value).
2) In the interim years of the employee survey, the compass index is determined for the Integrated Rail System in Germany, on a scale of 0% to 100%, as part of the culture barometer sample survey.

Employee satisfaction is determined every two years as part of the employee survey. In September 2022, the theme for the employee survey was “Get involved – be a part of it.” The aim of the employee survey is to provide concrete indications of improvement at all levels.

A total of 199,601 employees took part in the 2022 employee survey (2022: 59.2%, 2020: 58.5%). This means that participation increased slightly. It rose significantly in the Integrated Rail System (2022: 58.0%, 2020: 55.8%). The employee survey was conducted and evaluated for the first time by independent service provider SEMYOU.

In 2022, employee satisfaction remained stable after the very strong increase in 2020. The survey results show: the Strong Rail strategy remains an important anchor for the DB team. However, it could become even more well-known and noticeable: 63% of employees know the strategy, and 59% are convinced by it.

The current global, geopolitical and intra-company challenges are evident, which are reflected in reduced approval figures for customer focus, perceived quality and lower optimism about the future. However, the values remain above pre-Covid-19 levels.

The 2020 employee survey provided a clear mandate for action in relation to processes and feedback. Employee approval in these areas increased in 2022. Accordingly, general performance feedback at 45% (2020: 43%) and performance feedback from the executive at 68% (2020: 65%) were rated more highly. Improvements were also noted in the areas of “Implementation discipline” (2022: 42%, 2020: 41%) and “Ending unnecessary processes” (2022: 35%, 2020: 33%). Decision-making is the only area of action that showed a slight deterioration (2022: 32%, 2020: 33%).

An essential part of our employee survey process is working with the results as part of the follow-up process. Group-wide, all executives received their aggregated employee survey results so that they can share them with their employees, too. A second optional step is then started: the key topics identified are processed with the involvement of senior executives, employees providing valuable input and other partners, with the aim of shaping change together. This phase is expected to be completed by late-July 2023.

In 2023, the culture barometer will be carried out for the second time, a random sample survey will be carried out in the Integrated Rail System in Germany, which will be used to measure the compass index.

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