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With its responsibility for the rail infrastructure, DB Netze Track forms the backbone for a shift in the mode of transport to rail in Germany. In order to sustainably support this role, DB Netze Track is stepping up its efforts to protect the environment.

  • In addition to the continuation of noise protection activities, new resource protection targets with a particular focus on our central resources, rail steel, concrete ties and track ballast have been defined in 2022.
  • We are preparing for the conversion of all locations still heated with fossil fuels with the creation of energy supply concepts for currently 14 representatively selected locations and one sleeper factory.
  • In 2022, we switched from a heat supply with heating oil to heating with PEFC-certified wood pellets at one of our larger interlockings in the Nuremberg marshaling yard (savings: 63 t CO₂e per year).
  • We have also stepped up our efforts to achieve efficiency once again. The measures include, for example, the increased use of more efficient bulbs in the track field lighting or operational improvement when using switch heaters.
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