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Aid for Ukraine

Deutsche Bahn Foundation has put together a package of relief measures to support and provide aid to people who have fled the country since the start of the Ukraine war. Deutsche Bahn Foundation called for donations and doubled the donations received in the amount of around € 210,000. The measures included both relief services for people who fled Ukraine to Germany and international emergency aid.

At stations, the train station welfare centers (Bahnhofs­mission) were able to provide aid that was needed for initial care and further travel thanks to additional funding from Deutsche Bahn Foundation. In addition, at around ten heavily frequented locations of the train station welfare centers, the premises were remodeled as protected retreats for vulnerable groups, such as women with small children or un­accompanied minors.

The use of video interpreters in train station welfare centers to overcome language barriers was also helpful. The costs were covered by Deutsche Bahn Foundation. A service has also been set up to provide assistance between Frankfurt/Oder and Berlin. Employees of the train station welfare centers and DB Group volunteers travel on the train to advise refugees so that they can get to the right point of contact and destination as quickly as possible upon arrival.

In addition, 17 charitable projects were supported by the annual tender from Deutsche Bahn Foundation this year on the topic of “Education and psychosocial services for children and young people who have fled Ukraine.”

As part of its international emergency aid, Deutsche Bahn Foundation, in cooperation with the Development Helps Association (Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft), has donated urgently needed medication, medical instruments and materials to the Ushgorod District Hospital in Ukraine. DB Schenker took over the logistics and transport of aid.

The doubling of donations allowed two further projects to be implemented with the Development Helps Association. Together with German Doctors e. V., Libereco Partnership for Human Rights e. V. and Vostok SOS, a building was converted to a nursing home with 40 to 60 places and equipped to deal with persons in need of care from the war zone. With our partners Kindernothilfe e. V. and Concordia Sozialprojekte, the psychosocial care of the refugee women and children in Romania is the main focus.

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