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DB Netze Energy offers industry-standard energy products related to traction energy and stationary energy supply. As well as traction current and diesel, these also include supply solutions for alternative drives and synthetic fuels in rail transport. Stations and other DB Group properties are supplied with electricity, gas and heat. The range of services also includes energy economics-related and technical services.

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The traction current grid is the technical backbone of traction power provision in Germany, for which DB Netze Energy as the network operator ensures a high level of supply reliability. The required electricity is generated in traction current power stations using fossil and renewable energy sources or fed via converters/transformers. In order to provide for diesel traction units, there is a network of filling stations across Germany, which can also be partially used by road vehicles. In order to enable climate-neutral rail transport in the future in sections without overhead wires, DB Netze Energy is implementing energy supply solutions for rolling stock with alternative drives and alternative fuels. In addition, DB Netze Energy operates 50 Hz medium-voltage networks to supply energy to stations and provides a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on the road. The infrastructure of DB Netze Energy is subject to different forms of regulation by the BNetzA.

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