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DB Schenker is well positioned in all relevant market segments. Its vision is to be the world’s leading integrated supplier of transport and logistical services. To achieve this, DB Schenker intends to further strengthen and expand its market positions.

With its new UNLEASH strategy, DB Schenker intends to make its organization future-proof through customer orientation, high-performance employees and dynamic growth, and, most importantly, by placing customers at the center of our actions. A comprehensive transformation program was initiated in early 2022 to drive change and focus on five critical success factors: market expertise, work culture, corporate sustainability, digital and process excellence and economic strength. These five success factors are supplemented by ambitious ESG targets to become climate neutral by 2040.

In addition, digitalization is becoming increasingly important as a driver of disruption in the logistics industry. DB Schenker is therefore concentrating on developing the latest tools and processes in order to serve its customers. Initiatives such as data-driven business models, online platforms and technical innovations are promoted on a global scale.

Progress in the implementation of the UNLEASH strategy

Numerous initiatives were implemented in 2022:

  • Market expertise: The goal is to master specific challenges and opportunities in the business areas in order to always optimally meet customer needs. In 2022, DB Schenker specifically expanded its activities in the US market with the acquisition of USA Truck in order to better serve the needs of customers and round out its range of services on the market.
  • Corporate sustainability: DB Schenker has expanded and intensified its ESG efforts. In 2022, DB Schenker set up a central ESG team and set itself important strategic ESG targets. These include increasing the proportion of women to 50% by 2030 (for executives: 30% by 2030), establishing own ESG ratings by the end of 2023 and reducing carbon emissions by 50% for all areas of European land transport by 2030.
  • Our working culture: In 2022, DB Schenker introduced new working methods to create an environment in which employees can unlock their full potential. These also include “company hacks” (techniques and methods to promote the collaboration), which enable a more functional and committed way of working and strengthen a culture that is oriented towards decision-making and personal responsibility.
  • Digital and process excellence: As part of numerous initiatives and projects, DB Schenker further expanded its digital and process excellence in 2022. This concerns both the optimization of processes in the individual business areas and the development of an overall digital strategy to secure and expand a leading position in this area.
  • Economic strength: In particular, the “Organizational Fitness” sub-project aims to reduce indirect costs, streamline the organization and rearrange reporting channels in order to make DB Schenker more agile, leaner and more efficient. While 2022 was dedicated primarily to preparing the concept, the plan will be implemented from 2023 onwards.
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